Basic Course

You will learn how to apply energy to the body to normalize flow by using a B.E.T., Biotheric Discs, as well as Restoration Plates. Biotheric Discs are sometimes worn or carried, but are many times used with water. The plates polarize and energize food and water. The B.E.T. can be used with over 45 different protocols.

A desire to know more.....a desire to BE more. A longing to finally be able to put all the puzzle pieces together.

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 Joy  ​                                              Empowerment                

Personal Power

Learn how to quickly and easily balance energy fields in and around the body with ease. Biotheric Technology tools helps you focus, amplify, and transmit special frequencies and energetic formulas that will harmonize the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual aspects of your Spirit



Biotheric Technology

Certified Consultant


The Tools