Biotheric Technology

Certified Consultant

​What You Will Learn:​

1. How to balance the energy fields around     your joints, as well as your pets

2. How to use the B.E.T. (45 different uses 

    including creating the vibrapathic version

    of flower essences, gem stones, and             homeopathic remedies) And....very    all the energy           centers in the spine

3. Stimulating and balancing over 500 reflex     control points on the body, feet, hands,       and ears

4. How to clear toxic frequencies from             around the body and organs

5. Learn how to balance almost                 anything without any tools by using a           brand new system called Push Points

​6. You will learn how to instantly balance         the "energy gates" of the body

7. You will learn how to clear your own           auric field in 30 sec. using the NRG RAKE

​8. You will learn how to use the Emotional       Release and Heartwave discs, which, can     release past emotional blocks that may        be sabotaging health, relationships, and       prosperity

9. We  will show you in class how to change     the energy field of the food and water         you consume (20% of the people can             taste a difference in the water after it's


​10. We will also cover how to determine            which tool, product, food, vitamin,              mineral, etc. resonates best with you.          (the average person wastes hundreds of        dollars on supplements every year that         they don't need)

​11. Do you seem to have various aches,            pains, and various health issues that no        one has ever been ever to diagnose? We      will show you how to "zero in" on many        of those bothersome issues using Energy      Medicine scanning

12. One of the favorite things we teach is          how energy imbalances can keep you            broke. We will show you how this works        and what you can do about it

​13. We will show you some very fast,                high-tec tools that are the best                    chakra balancers around. And chakras          are very powerful controllers of all              energetic functions including the                  hormonal system.

​14. Our classes are hands-on and very                 practical. However, we also like to               explain WHY all of these tools work. We       will discuss Masaru Emoto's work, as             well as Drs. Benveniste and Luc                   Montagnier, among others. Energy               Medicine is not voodoo. It's based on           solid science: quantum physics to be           exact. Einstein understood it!

​15. In class we'll discuss how many problems      that are quite common are actually              energy imbalances, such as low self              esteem, low confidence, anger,                  sadness, frustration, low motivation,            poor focus and concentration, feeling          overwhelmed, or "stuck".

​16. We'll discuss some vitally important            imbalances that are very common and          very destructive that most people have        never heard of, such as, assemblage            point slippage and psychological                  reversal.

​17.  And finally, if there is an interest we will discuss the certification program for those who might be interested in becoming a Certified Biotheric Technology Consultant and starting a business.

​Oh, and remember.....none of this is magic!